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Samsung and DiscountCall.com – A Winning Combination

We have been partnered with Samsung for over 10 years and of course there’s a story behind them. When DiscountCall first started in 1996, we only sold phone lines and Internet services mainly through T1’s through our Referral Partner Program. They always say your customers will tell you how to grow and that was the case. Numerous customers constantly asked me for a reference to someone who could sell them a phone system and I kept passing them out like a dealer in a poker room. Then the calls started coming in. “Randy, the reference was a nice guy and all but he’s always too busy to answer my questions”. “That guy forgot to tell me how to program my voicemail”. “Randy, do you have anyone else you can recommend?”. Needless to say, I was officially in the phone system business right then.  I first needed to pick a brand and decided it would only be one unlike most PBX Vendors, which carry at least two or more. I’ll give business reasons on another post, or email me.

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