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Cloud Keyboard

Are You Transforming the Infrastructure or Is The Infrastructure Transforming You?

I’ve worked with numerous people who have complained they’ve inherited the infrastructure of their organization here or I wouldn’t have done it that way over there or the always popular ‘no one listened to me when we set this up.’ With a Smart Cloud, here is your chance to shine! Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a quick way to get it done your way. Or the way that is best for your company. I wonder when we will only be using IaaS forgoing what it stands for. Quick, do you know what MCI stands for? Answer at the end of this article.

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The Pre VoIP Tale

Once you decide to move your business into the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) world, many networking and infrastructure factors must be considered for a smooth transition from traditional telephone to VoIP.

The pre-engineering meeting is the key moment when everyone involved in the process must participate to discuss the existing or brand new office infrastructure. Typically, VoIP technology must reside on CAT5e wiring or higher to eliminate endless troubleshooting based on poor audio quality, proper connection to the phone system IP processor, or in most cases the phone system simply won’t operate on older CAT3 technology. Consider how your office wiring terminates in the Telco closet since traditional 66 or 110 blocks are not players that should be part of the VoIP equation. Wiring termination on a patch panel and properly tagging every voice location throughout the office will make your job easy in every aspect after the job has been completed.

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