Are You Transforming the Infrastructure or Is The Infrastructure Transforming You?

I’ve worked with numerous people who have complained they’ve inherited the infrastructure of their organization here or I wouldn’t have done it that way over there or the always popular ‘no one listened to me when we set this up.’ With a Smart Cloud, here is your chance to shine! Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a quick way to get it done your way. Or the way that is best for your company. I wonder when we will only be using IaaS forgoing what it stands for. Quick, do you know what MCI stands for? Answer at the end of this article.

I think what’s usually needed is a secure and scalable hosted IT infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual server and storage resources. This should be well suited for development and test activities, as well as other dynamic workloads. This powerful combination of infrastructure and platform services allows clients to develop, test and deploy either “born on the cloud” (“cloud-centric”) applications, or legacy (“cloud-enabled”) applications.

Since I just described almost every cloud vendor in the United States, let me also add that I see most businesses looking to migrate more and more into their Private Cloud and the choices remain plentiful. Another consideration that’s rarely talked about is bandwidth. You need a superhighway to deliver things, which can enhance or kill a good configuration. Anyone can buy a Maserati, but do you have your own road to drive it? More about that in my next post and the answer to my above riddle is Microwave Communications Inc.

  1. Smart Clouds can be built modular by using Cloud-In-A-Box cells.
  2. Smart Cloud services are secure.
  3. Smart Clouds provide Automated Management of Cloud Services.
  4. Smart Clouds perform to meet needs of the real-time nature of business.
  5. Smart Clouds are available for business-critical services.
  6. Smart Clouds enable businesses with governance and control.
  7. Smart Clouds are provisioned rapidly by self-service.
  8. Smart Clouds have solutions to manage the cloud environment.
  9. Smart Clouds have solutions to transform the infrastructure.
  10. Smart Clouds have integrated social collaboration solutions.

The 10 Traits of the Smart Cloud came from an article written by Thoran Rodrigues who interviewed Dr. Satwant Kaur on the topic of Smart Clouds. Dr. Kaur has an extensive history in IT, being the author of Intel’s Transitioning Embedded Systems to Intelligent Environments.

The full article can be found here.

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