Averting Sales Losses During a Move

One circumstance when clients most frequently purchase our system is when they’re moving. Seems like a great time, right? No! This might be the worst time according to most when asked months after their move.

The #1 reason was employees had to learn a new phone system while adjusting to a new environment.

And they weren’t able to take advantage of the new features that were purchased especially for them. We easily combat this issue by installing the new system before the move even if it’s only 30 days out

The cost is minimal to install the system twice since most of the programming is already done the first time.  This allows employees to take advantage of the features and it’s one less thing to worry about after they move to their new desks.

More factors during the transition to keep customers happy and work flowing:

  • It’s a great time to expand workforce or learn how to connect a virtual workforce
  • Voicemail to Email feature keeps everyone in touch when they’re not at their desk
  • No one misses a voicemail while collaboration and sharing voicemails with coworkers is in place.

Nothing says you know how to run your business smoothly when it’s invisible to your customers and vendors. If they are kept engaged, employees will be, too.

The main indicator of when I know a client is happy with their purchase is when they tell me they wished they would’ve purchased earlier.

Never losing a sale even when a salesperson’s contact is lost, better treatment of inbound calls, and easier ways to stay in touch with frequently called vendors and customers.

Whether you’re moving or not, let me know if you would like to hear more.



image source: www.philpotrelocation.com

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