Are You Still Using Online Backup Instead of Cloud Storage?

Is it cloud storage? Is it an online backup service? These are the questions that people often ask themselves when they are trying to decide on the best solutions for storing data to the cloud. It can be confusing because all companies want their product to look like the best one. What’s that saying if you only have a hammer and nothing else in your toolbox…..everything starts to look like a nail?

Online Backup

Long before the term cloud storage was getting used by companies, there were already online backup services. The purpose of these services is to give you a way to save your files to a remote hard drive and then restore them if you should ever need to do that.

To save anyone the trouble, I am in favor of Cloud Storage for my clients but do understand bringing home tape drives every Friday or utilizing online backup is definitely for some. 

Cloud Storage: Because you get more

These services have more to offer and that’s often why they get chosen over plain old online backup. Synchronization is one key benefit that cloud storage service offers, but it’s just one.

This service takes a portion of the hard drive and synchronizes it with the online storage. If you make changes on the hard disk, they are quickly replicated to the cloud storage. This is all bundled with more valuable services in the virtualization world and not the only reason you have services in the cloud.

Which is Right for Your Business?

Ah, if there was only a software program that could handle all the variables made into a bunch of algorithms and punch out what you should do, when and how much. In some ways we’ve had to replicate that in order to help during the buying process.

It’s much like an insurance policy. There’s no need for it unless you have something to lose. If you do have something to lose, what is it worth and how much are you willing to pay to not lose it.

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