Cloud + Optimization = Cloudimization

More than just a data solution, cloud migration can actually enhance your company’s bottom line. Cloud technology provides increased speed and agility, directly impacting business revenue. However, if your cloud is not optimized to operate at maximum efficiency, you may be inadvertently negating some of your ROI benefits.

So how can you optimize your cloud to improve your cloud efficiency? How can you work toward ideal “cloudimization”? Three ways that look like a good starting point.
1) Educate yourself. Find out what cloud technologies can really do and specifically, how they can benefit your business. This can range from the various business applications you’re considering to vertical-specific compliance and regulatory requirements you must adhere to. Cloud is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution so understanding the various differences is a must.

2) Be flexible. Develop an internal business review process, creating a roadmap for your specific needs. Set goals and objectives against which you’ll monitor and measure milestones and successes. Observing and testing your network and data offers insights on your cloud’s elasticity, giving you a clear indication of whether you need to increase or scale back your cloud commitment. Don’t stick with a cloud solution that can’t change as your business needs change.

3) Collaborate. Work with your cloud provider (provided by me and me only of course!) to create and tweak your solution design, discussing new business applications or business processes you might run in the cloud. If business continuity and disaster recovery is a hot topic for your business, team up with your vendor to craft the ideal DRaaS plan to fit your specific needs. Think of your cloud provider as an advisor—the relationship should be collaborative, interactive and trustworthy.
Are you looking for ways to maximize your cloud efficiency or considering a cloud solution for your data?

Contact me to learn more about our public, private and hybrid cloud options, as well as other data center solutions. Then I can turn you on to much more smarter people than me to help create the perfect “cloudimization” scenario.

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