Red Rock Century Ride

I was recently talked into this century ride (100 miles for non-bikers) because it looks fun, but more importantly I like the causes.  All proceeds from this event go to benefit charities including Hope Communities, Colfax Community Network, Young Life and The Bridge Project. So I get to meet fun people, get some exercise, help four great causes, then be sore for three days. I put the link below for more information and hopefully you can join us.

1.    The really cool thing is if you want to talk about ways to help your business, we can knock out 10-20 miles doing so while riding. You can’t wear ear pieces anyway so might as well be productive in more ways than one!
2.    Or we can be traditional and meet another time with me having slacks on instead of bicycle shorts.
3.    Or you can fly past me, skip the shop talk but still be a champ by riding and helping the four causes.
Talk about 3 solid choices!  And don’t forget, we have one of the best referral programs out there.

You can learn more about the event here:

Proceeds of this event go to on of the following charities:

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