Extend The Reach Of Your Services While Making Commissions!

People think they need to be in the market for a new phone system or in the middle of a cloud migration to do business with me. Not the case and I’ll explain the easiness of our Referral Program.

We asked ourselves, how we can continue to lead our client’s to a place where they need to be, while maintaining our standard of service to the IT staffs and vendors they’re used to ? I once heard a business owner at a seminar say “We get our customers from multiple sales efforts.  But our target is the referrals of those sales efforts.”  Makes sense, so we are making an even bigger effort to advertise our Referral Program.
We’re still a 100% referral-only company, which is our ecosystem we created and love. It seems everyone likes us and we want to keep it that way!  Growing pains are for business organizations using OPM (Other People’s Money). And we don’t beg for ‘likes’ on our Facebook page, that ain’t our style. We’re slowly moving to a 90% referral-only organization with 10% coming from different marketing and sales efforts aimed at business executives who know our customers. i.e. this blog post!!!
Can you imagine being at a cocktail party and a brain surgeon is walking around passing out his card saying “If you ever need brain surgery, please give me a call ?”.
Technology is moving fast with big data and plenty of new industry choices of what to virtualize and how to make IT a larger part of organizations so that referrals are harder to come by. We want YOU as our customer, but sometimes it’s best if we have YOUR referrals first!
To make commissions you can either keep your ears open when a customer of yours is in the market for:
–              phone system (traditional or hosted)
–              voice & data cabling
–              faster bandwidth
–              phone lines
–              co-location
–              disaster recovery, etc. etc. etc.
OR make it a part of the package you provide. Let me know if you want ideas on how to make money while we do all of the work…..and make you look great!

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