Ride The Rockies 2013

My summer is finally in full swing thanks to the completion of the Ride the Rockies event last week. All in all it took 7 days, 546 miles, 33 more than originally planned because of the Royal Gorge Fire and about 19,000 calories burned, if you’re counting at home. This was my first RTR ride since I didn’t get enough from the Bicycle Tour of Colorado last year. Doing RTR this year was my way of kicking off my summer in Colorado. A lot of people think I’m on a 3 month vacation, but actually I’m working in between bike riding, motorcycle riding, camping and just plain being in the mountains for 3 months. I like what I do, so talking with vendors, current customers and potential clients during the day is a great way to break up being at the library, Starbucks, or on my bike.

I’ll be writing lots more throughout the summer and maybe some of the things I do can create a little inspiration on your side. If you haven’t read 4 Hour Work week then I highly recommend it. It’s interesting and provides plenty of ideas how to save time and not get too caught up in the rat race.

Image Source: www.PreRace.com

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