Why You Might Like Buying From Me

Why might you like buying from me? The answer is at the end and the middle explains why.

I think there are two kinds of purchases when buying a product or service and one of them makes for a better experience. Let’s see if you agree with me.

1.Items or services that you know what you want and purchase out of necessity or convenience.

If you want a candy bar you know where to purchase one. If you go to a gas station it’ll be more money than if you buy in bulk from a big store like Costco or Walmart. I like to buy a lot of books on Amazon and always end up ordering more because of the bottom part of the page that says “customers who purchased this also purchased this and this and that”, and anything else to make you spend more money.

2.      Products or Services you didn’t know you needed.

How many of you had to have a document overnighted by 10:30 am or else?  Voila, an industry created where a lot of people need overnight services and will happily pay for it. How many of you Do it Yourselfer’s out there needed a Home Depot for supplies each time you took on a weekend project?  Home Depot came first, then most of us turned into Do it Yourselfer’s. Don’t forget which came first. And my favorite, how many of you knew 20 years ago you needed to carry a phone on you at all times and couldn’t let your customers down because you were away from your desk?  Or didn’t like carrying enough quarters to stop at a pay phone to check messages, then return the important ones. Yes, I was part of this. I didn’t invent cell phones, but I certainly helped with the quarter issue by pointing #800’s back to your office, or supplying a calling card when you got to a pay phone. Now we have voicemail to email, pointing extensions to our cell phones, concurrent ringing when someone calls or even a softphone where I can answer as long as I can get to my laptop/iPad/Android. So now cellphones are a necessity and being accessible 24/7/365 is the norm.

As you might be thinking, we are all thankful for a lot of things we didn’t know we needed or had to have. If it wasn’t for Henry Ford we’d be all riding faster horses. You can probably think of a lot more. I want to concentrate on things that are added to a purchase you already want. Kind of like buying a book on Amazon and seeing other things below that might be of interest. Most people don’t wake up in the morning saying I need to get my stuff in the cloud today.But if you already understand the need for a better, faster way of doing things then I might be a person who can fill in those “you might like or need things”, after its decided what’s best for your organization.

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