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Cloud + Optimization = Cloudimization

More than just a data solution, cloud migration can actually enhance your company’s bottom line. Cloud technology provides increased speed and agility, directly impacting business revenue. However, if your cloud is not optimized to operate at maximum efficiency, you may be inadvertently negating some of your ROI benefits.

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Are You Still Using Online Backup Instead of Cloud Storage?

Is it cloud storage? Is it an online backup service? These are the questions that people often ask themselves when they are trying to decide on the best solutions for storing data to the cloud. It can be confusing because all companies want their product to look like the best one. What’s that saying if you only have a hammer and nothing else in your toolbox…..everything starts to look like a nail? Continue reading

At The Finish Line of the Leadville 100

Cross one more thing off that bucket list for yours truly. I was at the finish line at one of the most amazing races in the world….according to me of course.  But many others share my enthusiasm. Those of you who are runners may already know about this race and if you’re an ultra-marathoner, you probably have run in this thing. And if you’ve read Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall then you know exactly what this thing is. Continue reading

Getting Beyond the Public/ Private/ Hybrid Cloud Labels


A lot of the below information was gathered by Alex Foster who is an Enterprise Product Manager at Windstream from a February 9, 2012 article along with my points and reviews.

For a high-growth market, the cloud industry is remarkably lacking in standardized terminology to describe what we are offering. Pundits often talk about the cloud turning computing into a standardized utility service, but at the moment the industry has not yet created the vocabulary and taxonomy that would enable customers to buy computing services based on well-understood composition. Continue reading

Maintaining Employee Productivity with an Enterprise BYOD Environment

By Chris Davis Enterprise Product Marketing on July 2, 2013

With the consumerization of enterprise mobility, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is generating a growing percentage of employees who are using personal devices to conduct business. Old news I know. These devices are not only being used for traditional communication functions, but also to access business applications and resources. Continue reading

Red Rock Century Ride

I was recently talked into this century ride (100 miles for non-bikers) because it looks fun, but more importantly I like the causes.  All proceeds from this event go to benefit charities including Hope Communities, Colfax Community Network, Young Life and The Bridge Project. So I get to meet fun people, get some exercise, help four great causes, then be sore for three days. I put the link below for more information and hopefully you can join us. Continue reading

Ride The Rockies 2013

My summer is finally in full swing thanks to the completion of the Ride the Rockies event last week. All in all it took 7 days, 546 miles, 33 more than originally planned because of the Royal Gorge Fire and about 19,000 calories burned, if you’re counting at home. This was my first RTR ride since I didn’t get enough from the Bicycle Tour of Colorado last year. Doing RTR this year was my way of kicking off my summer in Colorado. A lot of people think I’m on a 3 month vacation, but actually I’m working in between bike riding, motorcycle riding, camping and just plain being in the mountains for 3 months. I like what I do, so talking with vendors, current customers and potential clients during the day is a great way to break up being at the library, Starbucks, or on my bike.

I’ll be writing lots more throughout the summer and maybe some of the things I do can create a little inspiration on your side. If you haven’t read 4 Hour Work week then I highly recommend it. It’s interesting and provides plenty of ideas how to save time and not get too caught up in the rat race.

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Cloud Disaster Recovery Infographic by eVault

Disaster recovery is a hot topic for businesses, especially in hurricane prone areas of the country. eVault put together an informative infographic that walks us through a case study on how one NYC company sidestepped revenue losses during Hurricane Sandy. Kleinfield Bridal survived a perfect storm thanks to Cloud Disaster Recovery services. Continue reading